MikeMichael Heath — Since 1988 Heath has served the people of Maine by telling them the truth about Christianity, equal rights and “sexual orientation.” He was a leader in the notable Peoples Veto of “gay” rights in 1998, and defeat of same sex mirage in 2009. Heath advocates for decency and common sense worldwide through his ministry and political work.



whiting.jpgSteve Whiting Esq. — Mr. Whiting is a Portland attorney. He was one of the first victims of “gay” tyranny.  His stand for equal rights cost him his job in 1998.  Popular columnist Cal Thomas wrote about the incident, “Mainers who still care about free speech and free association should wear black armbands in support of Steve Whiting, because free speech, free association and the right of petitioners to the attorney of their choice have died.”


peterPeter LaBarbera — As leader of the national educational group Americans for Truth about Homosexuality LaBarbera brings an invaluable perspective to this campaign.  On a nearly daily basis he chronicles the abuses of what he calls homofascism using his popular website.  He is a professional journalist, and perhaps the most experienced political activist in the nation on this issue.



brianBrian Camenker — The assertive leader of Mass Resistance is among the most effective activists in the world against the “gay” juggernaught.  Scott Lively of Defend the Family gave Mr. Camenker his highest award for 2015.  Lively said of the champion, “We looked especially for leaders who showed courage under fire or whose words and actions gave special encouragement to our movement.”  Camenker was legally harassed by an especially vicious Maine man for more than two years.  The Mass Resistance leader never backed down, even though he was sued for a million dollars.



Reverend Dallas Henry — ​Pastor Henry is admired for his leadership of the Christian Civic League of Maine.  For over two decades he led the group to victory after victory over the “gay” movement.  As former President of the League Rev Henry is a vital member of the team.




Scott Lively — ​Mr. Lively is a Christian author, speaker, attorney and activist.  No man has done more to confront the evil ideas at the heart of the “gay movement” globally.  The “gay” Left is currently working overtime in America’s legal system to destroy him.






​Coach Dave Daubenmire — The Coach led football teams to victories until God called him to coach Christians. He now leads the ministry he founded, Pass the Salt. His inspirational style has attracted a large following. He pulls no punches when confronting evil.




Reverend Chris Wilcoxson — ​Rev. Wilcoxson is a skilled Maine  culture warrior and pastor.  Well known as a homeschooling father Wilcoxson adds credibility and courage to the team.  The 43 year old leader lives in Georgetown with his wife and seven children.


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